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How to Choose Right Bra for Heavy Breast ?

Can’t Buy a Bra for Big Boobs? do not be confused! In this article, we shared expert tips and tricks to help how to choose right bra for heavy breast women. This will be of great use to you.

Buying the right size bra is a difficult task for women with large breasts. By not wearing the right size bra, she starts compromising on the comfort. Which is not good for their body and the size of the breast deteriorates.

How to Choose Right Bra for Heavy Breast

Tips and Tricks to Help How to Choose Right Bra for Heavy Breast Women

  • Wear a bra with a thick side band- Wearing a bra with a thick side band gives the right shape and support to the breast. It is not even visible from under the T-shirt.
  • Bra with the right cup size- Women who have heavy breasts, to make their size look small and firm, many times they choose a bra less than their breast size and they buy bras with big bands and small cups . This worsens the size of the breast. So choose the right cup size for heavy breast.
  • Silicone inside the bra strap holder- Due to this, the bra does not slide from the shoulder, it is also able to give support to the breast properly.
  • Buy best brand bra- Always buy best brand bra. Because only a good quality bra can give the right shape and support to the breast. Also keep in mind that it should not be tight but comfortable.
  • When Buying Bra Online – Whenever you buy a bra from online, whatever information is given regarding bra size and fitting, first read the information. Otherwise, the wrong size and wrong fitting proves to be harmful for your breast.

Checking the comfort of the bra – If the bra is not comfortable after wearing, then no matter what dress you wear, your comfort level will be less. Especially women with large breasts should take more care about this. Without checking the comfort of the bra, just selecting any bra causes problems later.

Type of Right Bra You Should Buy For Heavy Breast

It often happens that due to lack of idea, women choose the wrong bra, due to which they do not feel comfortable throughout the day. Women who have heavy breasts are very uncomfortable about them.

But if you choose the right bra, not only will you feel comfortable throughout the day, but your confidence will also increase a lot. Hence, we have shared here some types of bras for women with heavy breasts.

1. Features of Padded Bra for Heavy Breast:

Big breasted girls tend to avoid padded bras, they think that it will make their front look bigger. But the truth is that they will get more support from this type of bra. Padded bras give a more fitted look, especially when wearing a T-shirt or others dress.

    i) Padded Bra one of the Right Bra for Heavy Breast

  • Women get a good shape by wearing a padded bra. Padded bra is the best option for good shape.
  • Thin pad bras are available in the market which can be worn by women with big breasts.
  • If the shape of your nipples is visible when wearing a t-shirt and top, then you should also wear a padded bra. Wearing a padded bra will remove the problem of showing nipple shape.
  • Best comfort and support for heavy breast women.
  • Padded bras are also available in various designs, fabrics, colors and sizes.

2. Features of Full-Coverage Bra For Heavy Breast:

  • A full-coverage bra helps prevent spillage on both sides and top for an attractive look.
  • A full-coverage bra can cover your entire breast tissue. A well-fitted full coverage bra leaves no wrinkles or gaps at the top of the cup while covering your entire bust in one go.
  • The best bra for loose breasts with its high neckline provides gentle lift and superior support throughout the day.

3. Features of Minimiser Bra For Heavy Breast:

  • Women with large breasts opt for the minimizer bra, which is considered the best bra for support. When this bra is worn, the breasts look smaller. Because this bra is designed to create the illusion of a smaller bust.
  • Non-stretchy fabrics are used to craft its shape-defining cups, which prevents sagging of the breasts and at the same time smoothes the bulge of the back.

i) Side Support Minimiser Bra: The best minimizer bras with side support are perfect for those with heavy sides. Giving medium coverage, side support bras have sectioned cups that provide adequate support. This type of bra style suits all women whose bust is not perfectly round.

4. Features of Sports Bra For Heavy Breast:

  • Sports bras are stronger than normal bras.
  • Some sports bras are designed to be worn as outerwear during jogging or similar exercise.
  • Provides adequate support to the woman’s breasts during physical exercise.
  • These bras are very famous for reducing breast movement.
  • The best bras for lift and support are also renowned for minimizing potential damage.

5. Features of Front Closure Bra For Heavy Breast:

  • They may be used for lack of mobility or for medical reasons.
  • If you’re having trouble reaching around the back to put on and open the bra, a front closure may be the right choice for you.
  • These great bras for lift and shape provide comfort to your breasts while being extremely sexy and beautiful.

6. Features of Longline Bra For Heavy Breast:

  • This classic bra style can provide a sleek look.
  • The most preferred ones focus on providing support rather than shaping.
  • Longline bra with side support sling provides more support than regular bra
  • These longline bras are meant to provide extra support and extend a few inches below the bust to distribute the weight of your breasts.

7. Features of T-Shirt Bra For Heavy Breast:

  • This seamless and molded side support bra is the perfect pick for your plus size breasts.
  • T shirt bras provide maximum comfort to meet your active lifestyle.

8. Features of Bralette Bra For Heavy Breast:

  • Available in a wide range of Caged, Longline, Wired, Lace and Padded bralettes. Which is best for big breasted women.
  • It acts as the perfect blend between a crop top and a bra by providing you enough support.
  • These are the best bras for women with big chests.

9. Features of Unlined Bra For Heavy Breast:

  • The high quality inline bra can be your best choice for style and comfort.
  • The online bra is famous for giving a good lift to the breast.
  • The vertical darts help in giving a lovely shape to the breasts without adding any extra bulk.

10. Features of Soft Cup Bra For Heavy Breast:

  • Women who are not much lover of underwired, those ladies can go ahead with soft cup bra.
  • Whether you’re working out or relaxing at home, the best full bust bra brands keep you covered at all times. That’s why women with big breasts like this bra very much.
  • This bra can provide ample support and structure with features like inner support slings, multi-part cups, wide comfort strap and leotard back.

These types of Bras are Not for Heavy Breast

1. Underwire Bras are Not for Heavy Breast

Underwire bras- Wearing underwire bras feels very painful because they are tight and sometimes it can cut or peel the skin. So to get the perfect shape, don’t wear this underwire bra.

2. Lacy Bras are Not for Heavy Breast

Do not wear lacy bras – Although these bras look good, but they do not support the breast properly, because the laces get twisted after wearing.

Final Words –

According to a research, 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra, out of which 70 percent women wear tight bras and 10 percent women wear bras bigger than their actual breast size. Research has also mentioned that women who wear tight bras and wear them for a long time are at increased risk of developing breast cancer. So choose the right bra according to your breast size.


Which type of bra is suitable for heavy breast?

Answer: A padded bra is the most suitable bra for heavy breasts. But there are many more bras that are perfect for women with larger breasts. If you have to choose a bra according to your breast size, then you have to read the complete information which we have shared above.

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